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Welcome to the Memphis Laser Clinic!

At the Memphis Laser Clinic, we use the most powerful and effective tattoo removal laser on the market to achieve the best results, providing you the most comfortable and cost effective procedure possible.

The most ADVANCED lasers,

The most AFFORDABLE treatment,

The most EFFECTIVE results. 

This video is of a new patient recieving her first laser tattoo removal treatment on a full-color tattoo.

Removing your tattoo at the Memphis Laser Clinic using our state-of-the-art 3 wavelength Q-switched laser means you receive the benefit of:

* High power = faster removal / less treatments

* Short pulse duration = reduces pain / faster recovery

* High repetition rate = quick effective treatment

* Even energy application = safe for all skin types

* Three wavelengths = remove all colors

1125 South Poplar View Lane, Suite 2, Collierville, TN 38017

nsults & Patients seen by appointment
Monday - Friday 11 am to 6 pm (closed between 2-4)
Saturday 8:30am to 1 pm
(901) 605-4500


At the Memphis Laser Clinic, we can remove every type of tattoo – from names to tribal symbols to full sleeves and backs.

Our advanced laser equipment is effective at removing the full spectrum of colors – from black to red to orange to yellow and purple. We even have a specialized "Ruby" Laser for removing difficult green and blue colors.


Laser tattoo removal at the Memphis Laser Clinic costs about half of what other legitimate clinics charge(1). In addition to our lower price per treatment, our tattoo-specific advanced laser technology produces the most effective results in fewer treatments than clinics using general-purpose lasers.

Call us at (901) 605-4500 to schedule your 
FREE consultation with our laser technician, and we will estimate the number of treatments required as well as the total cost for complete removal of your tattoo.


The Quanta Q Plus is the only 3 Wavelength Q-Switched Tattoo Removal System available, combining proven Nd:YAG technology with a powerful 1 Joule Ruby laser, resulting in a full-spectrum (multi-colored) tattoo removal laser.

We accept:

(1) price comparison based off published competitor rates surveyed by the Memphis Laser Clinic (April 2014).

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